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It is said in our origin of myth that Mother Willow was born on the night of the Harvest Moon from the boughs of the White Willow Tree. She is known as the Mother and first of us Witches; and who possessed great and unimaginable power. In all the land there are three great covens. Each coven is like our family and our community. It was once said that a long time ago we were all one. The legend goes that Mother Willow had only three children named Luna, Sol and Stella—each also had their own unique power. Luna had the magic of the natural world; she could use the power of the elements. Sol had the power to travel, freeze and stop time, along with the power to move objects with only his mind. The youngest of the three was Stella who had the power of the spiritual world. She could call on the spirits to do her bidding along with her psychic ability. It’s said that when Mother Willow had her three children and they grew up, they began to argue on who would be the most powerful of the three. So for their punishment Mother Willow transported each child to another far off region to rule their own land as they saw fit. That’s how the story goes anyway. So till this day the different covens only gather once every year on the day of the Harvest Moon to celebrate Mother Willows birth and the beginning of our magic. Now, each coven has their own White Willow tree in which small ceremonies and rituals take place but, when the time comes for the celebration of Mother Willow’s anniversary we will gather at the old White Willow tree there is in all the land. There the Elder’s and the covens all gather to pray for a better harvest, more water, better spells, power and not to mention give thanks for all that Mother Willow has done.
Each land region where each coven is from has its own unique qualities. I am part of the coven in which Luna was its founder and all of us in it have the same type of power as the elements or have dominion over the natural world. The land that surrounds this coven is forest and mountains. The climate changes along with the seasons and is very wet during the rainy season. We are best known for our rare plants that are used in spells and potions. This is the commodity that we trade for other goods and services from the other regions of the land. Another use of currency are spells, which can only be used once because the words can be so difficult to find. In the region where the coven of Sol, their rare commodity is the water from the oasis which can make any spell more powerful. The legend from this enchanted Oasis is that one day Mother Willow was traveling the lands in search of knowledge. She was tired and thirsty from the hot blazing sun of the dessert heat and made an oasis appear from nowhere. On the other hand Stella’s region is best known for their livestock and rare animals that possess magical capabilities. For example the Lechusa—which is a white owl that will grant you a wish when it gives you a feather. Plus, this feather is extremely power when used in the right spell or potion. You might be asking but how do you survive in ways of sustenance? Spell aren’t the only way to survive, so we must grow our own food. In my region the forest is a great place for foraging and gathering. The soil is not particularly fertile so we grow what we can like vegetables, nuts and berries. We trade our commodities for food that the other regions grow. For example Sol is best known for its rice and grain and Stella’s land is very fertile which grows the staple crops of corn, potatoes and other various fruits and vegetables that are in season.
Even though in the past there has been bickering--we are at a time of peace because of the Elders. The Elders are chosen through their power and their age. In the times of the annual festival of Mother Willow not only is it a celebration of our magic but the times where the Elders meet with the other covens Elders and discuss important decisions that need to be made.   

2012 Total Solar Eclipse Viewed From 
                                 Australia http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/sunearth 
/news/totaleclipse-20121113.html, accessed September 12,2013
On the image to the right the symbol of the solar eclipse is of a significant one. This image is the joining of two separate souls becoming one. This is a widely used symbol for the marriage ceremony. During the solar eclipse the wedding ceremony will take place in which the partners will join hands and vow to be one for all eternity in front of all the coven--or covens is there is a joining of the two. The presiding Elder will cast a spell in which the coven will join in while encircling the couple to be wed. This symbol not only represents the two souls becoming into one, but also the light and darkness. Man and woman--polar opposites. It is said Mother Willow married Father Aurelius under the solar eclipse--in which it is said why our lineage is so powerful. Every birth consummated under the eclipse is said to be the birth of a powerful witch.
The image above is the symbol that represents the Elders. The symbol on each corner represents each separate coven: Luna, Sol and Stella. Yet, each is connected and still separate. We are independent and we rely on each other. This triangle is the connection and peace we rely within each coven. The moon rises above and the sun rises in the east and the stars light all throughout the night sky. 

Snowy Willow Tree
    September  15,2013

The image you see above is the legendary White Willow tree where it is said Mother Willow was born from. This tree is the symbol of our magic and our life. This also represents the coming together of all the communities where we pray,sing,dance and chant together to give thanks. This old tree is sacred and this is where we meet annually to celebrate.

The symbols above represent each coven. Similar to the governance of the Elders however, here each one is its own separate entity. Only symbolizing each different coven and its family. The gazing star is for the house of Stella in which its founder was the one with the all-seeing, all- knowing psychic abilities. The cool crescent moon for the House of Luna (which is mine) meaning the natural powers of elemental magic. The hot fiery sun representing the House of Sol, which is with the powers of time and space.

 Wallpaper source:

         Dr. Jean I. Tsao
2009 Notes of Ecosysytems: Energy Flow and Trophic Structure.

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